Find Relief For Stress, Anxiety, and Pain

raku-reikiHave you ever really wondered what goes on “out there” beyond our grasp of the limited 5 senses we have? Have you dealt with hardships, short term or long term, physical or emotional, that you can’t seem to get beyond? Do you feel like life is working against you instead of in your favor? I had to suffer tremendous loss in order to find the answers, and what I found not only healed the deep grieving I endured, but gave me a behind-the-scenes view of what causes hardship and what it has to teach us.

The path to healing myself and my family led me to become a Reiki Master/Teacher. In the simplest terms, this divine energy provides a way to ground and recenter ourselves. Our bodies are fully capable of healing themselves, but more often than not our mind and our self-destructive patterns are what get in the way. Stress is one of the most harsh aggressors on the body, and until stress is minimized and we can clear our minds, the body is unable to work and heal as it should.

square-profile2-fullI specialize in helping children with disabilities such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and their parents. My own experience of losing a loved one also helps me closely relate to and help those who are at any stage in their own grieving process.

I find in all cases that treating families as a whole instead of just one person, or one part of a family, brings great benefits to everyone involved. It helps reduce anxiety and stress for children, and let’s face it — the anxiety and stress the children create for their parents. Being a parent of a child on the spectrum, I see first-hand what benefits reiki can bring to them. I also believe ASD and ADHD are a gift, not a curse, and that we have a tremendous amount to learn from these children if we can only slow down and listen and live in their world for a while.